MMI Juin 2018

Jeudi 24 Mai 2018
Vol 48 - N°4 - P. 231-305
Revues générales
Use of telemedicine in the management of infectious diseases G. Gras
Use of artesunate in non-malarial indications A. Raffetin, F. Bruneel, C. Roussel, M. Thellier, P. Buffet, E. Caumes, S. Jauréguiberry
Practices guidelines
Emergence of plasmid-mediated colistin resistance (mcr-1) among Enterobacteriaceae strains: Laboratory detection of resistance and measures to control its dissemination D. Lepelletier, R. Bonnet, P. Plésiat, M.H. Nicolas-Chanoine, A. Berger-Carbonne, C. Chidiac, B. Grandbastien, national working group from the French High Council of Public Health
Articles originaux
Key features of bone and joint infections following the implementation of reference centers in France E. Laurent, G. Gras, J. Druon, P. Rosset, S. Baron, A. Le-Louarn, E. Rusch, L. Bernard, L. Grammatico-Guillon
Investigation of an outbreak of monkeypox in an area occupied by armed groups, Central African Republic E. Kalthan, J. Tenguere, S.G. Ndjapou, T.A. Koyazengbe, J. Mbomba, R.M. Marada, P. Rombebe, P. Yangueme, M. Babamingui, A. Sambella, E.R. Nakoune
Access to artemisinin-based combination therapies and other anti-malarial drugs in Kinshasa P. Nkoli Mandoko, V. Sinou, D. Moke Mbongi, D. Ngoyi Mumba, G. Kahunu Mesia, J. Losimba Likwela, S. Bi Shamamba Karhemere, L. Muepu Tshilolo, J.-J. Tamfum Muyembe, D. Parzy
From phaeohyphomycosis to disseminated chromoblastomycosis: A retrospective study of infections caused by dematiaceous fungi E. Thomas, A. Bertolotti, A. Barreau, J. Klisnick, P. Tournebize, G. Borgherini, N. Zemali, J. Jaubert, G. Jouvion, S. Bretagne, S. Picot
Communication brève
Cerebrospinal fluid monocytes in bacterial meningitis, viral meningitis, and neuroborreliosis M. Martinot, V. Greigert, L. Souply, B. Rosolen, D. De Briel, M. Mohseni Zadeh, J.-D. Kaiser
Case report
Teicoplanin-induced DRESS syndrome: The importance of skin tests H. Ben Romdhane, Z. Chadli, N. Ben Fredj, A. Chaabane, N.A. Boughattas, K. Aouam
Cerebral aspergillosis: An emerging opportunistic infection in patients receiving ibrutinib for chronic lymphocytic leukemia? E. Gaye, A. Le Bot, J.P. Talarmin, R. Le Calloch, S. Belaz, M. Dupont, P. Tattevin
Lettre à la rédaction
Sporotrichose en France M. Larsabal, F. Gabriel, E. Pajaniapadeatchy, A. Rougeron, I. Accoceberry, D. Garcia-Hermoso, A. Saunier
Mycobacterium canettii pulmonary tuberculosis in an immunocompetent patient P.L. Conan, F. Charton, H. Le Floch, B. Grand, C. Soler, M. Aletti, J. Margery, F. Rivière
Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS) syndrome due to ethambutol N. Gest, S. Ingen-Housz-Oro, G. Gener, M. Bellanger, A. Henn, S. Gallien, C. Flateau
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