ID Now juin 2022

Lundi 27 Juin 2022
Vol 52 - N°4 - P. 185-242
Public health issues and health rendezvous for migrants from conflict zones in Ukraine: A French practice guideline N. Vignier, V. Halley des Fontaines, A. Billette de Villemeur, F. Cazenave-Roblot, B. Hoen, F. Chauvin, D. Lepelletier, C. Chidiac, E. Billaud
Original articles
Tuberculosis in sickle cell disease patients A.-L. Houist, C. Lafont, C. Gomart, B. Nebbad, P. Bartolucci, W. Vindrios, G. Melica, A. Habibi, S. Gallien
Pulmonary bacterial infections in adult patients hospitalized for COVID-19 in standard wards M. Husain, S. Valayer, N. Poey, E. Rondinaud, C. d'Humières, B. Visseaux, S. Lariven, F.X. Lescure, L. Deconinck
Explicit definitions of potentially inappropriate prescriptions of antibiotics in hospitalized older patients N. Baclet, M. Calafiore, C. Fregnac, G. Gavazzi, E. Forestier, C. Roubaud-Baudron, T. Fraisse, S. Alfandari, E. Senneville, J.-B. Beuscart, GInGer (Groupe infectio-gériatrie, SPILF [Société de pathologie infectieuse de langue française], SFGG [Société française de gériatrie et gérontologie])
Short communications
Determinants of the willingness to get the third COVID-19 vaccine dose among health care workers C. Paris, A. Saade, E. Tadié, R. Nguyen Van, V. Turmel, R. Garlantezec, P. Tattevin
Emergence of genital infections due to Haemophilus pittmaniae and Haemophilus sputorum A. Franco-Acosta, B. Espadafor-López, A. Rosales-Castillo, J.M. Navarro-Marí, J. Gutiérrez-Fernández
Teleconsultation in family medicine amid the Covid-19 pandemic: An adequate tool? H. Verhaeghe, N. Chellum, B. Tressières, R. Ouissa, P.-M. Roger
COVID-19 cluster in vaccinated healthcare workers in Mayotte Lara Mayrand, Nicolas Allou, Fanny Colliac Chirié
Letters to the editor
Infectious diseases and primary care telemedicine in France  H. Mascitti, C. Duran, F. Bouchand, L. Haas, A. Rodhe, M. Cauterman, A. Dinh
Expectations and acceptability of long-acting injectable antiretrovirals by patients living with HIV/AIDS Christia Palacios, Celine Wilpotte, Anne Adda, Salima Allaf, Peline Thibaut, Julie Chas, Martin Siguier, Gilles Pialoux
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