ID Now juin 2023

Lundi 19 Juin 2023
Vol 53 - N°4
SPILF update on bacterial arthritis in adults and children J.P. Stahl, E. Canouï, P. Pavese, A. Bleibtreu, V. Dubée, T. Ferry, Y. Gillet, A. Lemaignen, M. Lorrot, J. Lourtet-Hascoët, R. Manaquin, V. Meyssonnier, T.-T. Pham, E. Varon, P. Lesprit, R. Gauzit, the reviewers
Original articles
Management of imported malaria in the emergency department: Adequacy compared to guidelines, and impact of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic C. Flateau, A. Pitsch, C. Cornaglia, M. Picque, A. de Pontfarcy, P. Leroy, T. Jault, C. Thach, M. Camus, F. Dolveck, S. Diamantis
Symptoms of Long-COVID 1-Year after a COVID-19 outbreak among sailors on a French aircraft carrier A. Perisse, F. De Cacqueray, D. Delarbre, H. Marsaa, C. Bergmann, V. Da Silva, A. Bronstein, N. Paleiron, N. Menoud, J. Cobola, C. Verret, A. Mayet, O. Bylicki
Hydration and clinical warning signs of dengue fever in primary care: An observational prospective study O. Besnard, O. Maillard, J-M. Franco, N. Lebreton, G. Reix, F. Legrand, A. Bertolotti, S. Leruste
Short communications
Description of an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in the southern Jura Mountains, France, in 2021 A Brun, M Greusard, JM Reynes, M Grenier, J Bamoulid, P Giraudoux, Q Lepiller, C Chirouze, K Bouiller, B Bailly
Emergence and evolution of the Omicron SARS-CoV-2 variant in the island of Martinique G.N. Gbaguidi, L. Aubert, J. Schaeffer, L. Fagour, A. Dubremetz, Vincent Enouf, M-H. Glaudon-Louveau de la Guigneraye, F. Nestour, J. Rosine, G. Dos Santos
Professional news
Conference report on preparedness for new emerging infectious disease epidemics and their socio-economic consequences C. Besombes, M. Marsot, P. Parneix, C. Fourichon, P. Reignault, D. Renault, C. de Perthuis, C. Weill, F. Keller, E. Hirsch, D. Vitour, J. Raude, B. Hoen, C. Leport, J.-F. Guégan
Letters to the editor
Resurgence of symptomatic Mpox among vaccinated patients: First clues from a new-onset local cluster S. Jamard, L. Handala, C. Faussat, N. Vincent, K. Stefic, C. Gaudy-Graffin, Z. Maakaroun-Vermesse, A. Lemaignen
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