ID Now Mai 2022

Dimanche 26 Juin 2022
Vol 52 - N°3 - P. 123-182
Erratum to "Filifactor alocis bacteremia associated with facial cellulitis" [Infect. Dis. Now 52 (2) (2022) 119-120] C. Lamoureux, E. Hascoet, D. Tandé, H. Le Bars, J. Hannigsberg, G. Héry-Arnaud, C. Beauruelle
Original articles
Factors associated with hospital admission and adverse outcome for COVID-19: Role of social factors and medical care A.-L. Beaumont, D. Vignes, R. Sterpu, G. Bussone, I. Kansau, C. Pignon, R. Ben Ismail, M. Favier, J.-L. Molitor, D. Braham, R. Fior, S. Roy, M. Mion, L. Meyer, M. Andronikof, C. Damoisel, P. Chagué, J.-C. Aurégan, N. Bourgeois-Nicolaos, C. Guillet-Caruba, J.-P. Téglas, S. Abgrall
3D-printed simulator for nasopharyngeal swab collection for COVID-19 A. Koch, M. Vermel, Y. Hansmann, M. Lodi, C. Mura, A. Sananes, S. Gallien, É. Wurtz, A. Bleibtreu, M. Martinot, J. Exinger, X. Lescure, S. Kerneis, K. Lacombe, J.Y. Mootien, C. Shawali, L. Lecointre, C. Debry, N. Lefebvre, N. Sananes
Successful high flow nasal cannula therapy for severe COVID-19 pneumonia is associated with tocilizumab use R. Ouissa, C. Le Guillou, M. Broudic, S. Markowicz, E. Curlier, P.-M. Roger
Prevalence and risk factors for gonococcal infection in Reunion Island A. Saïb, N. Bouscaren, B. Berçot, A. Duchateau, G. Miltgen, R. Rodet, G. Wartel, F. Andry, S. Iacobelli, A. Bertolotti
Descriptive study of pneumococcal vaccination in cases of inflammatory disease: Analysis of practices A. Voignier, S. Skopinski, P. Duffau, E. Ribeiro, P. Biscay, J. Constans, P. Mercié
Short communications
First cases of Omicron in France are exhibiting mild symptoms, November 2021-January 2022 A. Maisa, G. Spaccaferri, L. Fournier, J. Schaeffer, J. Deniau, et al
Long COVID-19 symptoms: Clinical characteristics and recovery rate among non-severe outpatients over a six-month follow-upS. Seang, O. Itani, G. Monsel, B. Abdi, A.G. Marcelin, M.A. Valantin, R. Palich, A. Fayçal, V. Pourcher, C. Katlama, R. Tubiana
Early rehabilitation management strategy for septic arthritis of the knee A. Chabaud, M. Tetard, S. Descamps, C. Nguyen, F. Rannou, A. Tournadre, O. Lesens, E. Coudeyre
Letters to the Editor
Antibiotics in end of life: The driving factors Serge Sirvain, Mailys Durand, Alain Putot, Emmanuel Forestier, Gaetan Gavazzi, Thibaut Fraisse, GInGer SPILF SFGG
Linezolid-resistant Staphylococcus capitis isolate R. Ibrahim, R. Waked, J. Choucair, A. Aubry, F. Laurent, P. Martins Simoes, C. Dupieux-Chabert, E. Haddad
Remarkable resolution of COVID-19-associated cerebral vasculitis with methylprednisolone S. Benguerfi, F. Reizine, F. Eugène, P. Tattevin, A. Maamar
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