ID Now novembre 2021

Mardi 02 Novembre 2021
Vol 51 - N°8 - P. 641-688
Chronicles of a pandemic: How France coordinated the scientific research response to COVID-19 Erica Telford, Inmaculada Ortega-Perez, Guillaume Mellon, Boris Lacarra, Elisabeth Adjadj, Claire Madelaine, Eric D'Ortenzio, Yazdan Yazdanpanah
Original articles
Determinants of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in French hospitals C. Navarre, P. Roy, S. Ledochowski, M. Fabre, A. Esparcieux, B. Issartel, M. Dutertre, A.-L. Blanc-Gruyelle, F. Suy, L. Adelaide, C. Pariset, J.P. Kisterman, H. Champagne, J. Saison
Adults at risk of pneumococcal disease in France B. Wyplosz, J. Fernandes, G. Goussiaume, J. Moïsi, J. Lortet-Tieulent, A. Vainchtock, C. Leboucher, F. Raguideau
Imported malaria in metropolitan France, from recommendations to clinical practice - proposal for improvement A. Dupré, N. Argy, S. Houze, A. Leleu, C. Choquet, S. Matheron, A. Bleibtreu
Short communications
Is the second dose of vaccination useful in previously SARS-CoV-2-infected healthcare workers? G. Pean De Ponfilly, B. Pilmis, I. El Kaibi, N. Castreau, S. Laplanche, A. Le Monnier
Letters to the Editor
An unusual digestive infection due to Francisella tularensis: A case report A. Zeggay, R. Anxionnat, C. Chirouze, P. Plésiat, K. Jeannot, Y. Caspar, A. Potron
Access and use of quinacrine (mepacrine) in the treatment of resistant giardiasis Clemence Delaye, Felipe Suarez, Claire Aguilar, Corinne Guerin, Rui Batista, Celine Chasport, Andre Paugam, Jeremie Zerbit
Mycobacterium marseillense lymphadenitis: A newly identified strain in the pediatric population Dimitra Dimopoulou, Anastasia Dimopoulou, Fanourios Kontos, Smaragdi Fessatou, Konstantinos Proikas, Eleftherios Agniadis, Nikolaos Zavras, Achilleas Attilakos, Vassiliki Papaevangelou
Lower nasopharyngeal viral load in young SARS-CoV-2-positive subjects Gian Luca Salvagno, Brandon Michael Henry, Giuseppe Lippi

Antibiotics in end-of-life care: What is the driving factor? Hiroshi Ito

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