ID Now novembre 2022

Dimanche 20 Novembre 2022
Vol 52 - N°8 - P. 421-462
Original articles
Impact of EUCAST rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing (RAST) on management of Gram-negative bloodstream infection Emilie Cardot Martin, Marie Alice Colombier, Lucie Limousin, Orianne Daude, Oscar Izarn, Pierre Cahen, Eric Farfour, Philippe Lesprit, Marc Vasse
Extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii co-producing VIM-2 and OXA-23 in intensive care units: Results of a one-day point prevalence in a Tunisian hospital Sana Ferjani, Lamia Kanzari, Elaa Maamar, Zaineb Hamzaoui, Amel Rehaiem, Asma Ferjani, Ilhem Boutiba-Ben Boubaker
From the original SARS-CoV-2 strain to the Omicron variant: Predictors of COVID-19 in ambulatory symptomatic children R. Cohen, A. Rybak, N. Ouldali, F. Angoulvant, S. Béchet, V Gajdos, I. Hau, A. Sellam, I. El Aouane El Ghomari, F. Elmerich, C. Batard, A. Auvrignon, E. Grimprel, M. Favier, C. Jung, C. Levy
Corynebacterium glucuronolyticum in men with and without urethritis syndrome: An underrecognized pathogen or a bona fide commensal? T. Meštrović, M. Neuberg, M. Sviben, R. Ribić, D. Drenjančević, I. Škrlec, J. Talapko, G. Kozina, Z. Profozić
Short Communication
SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence and antibodies persistence among health care workers after the first COVID-19 wave in nine hospitals in Western France R. Garlantezec, E. Tadié, C. Heslan, P. Gary-Bobo, S. Oumari, A. Saade, A. Sitruk, P. Tattevin, V. Thibault, C. Paris, The AntiCOV-HB* working group, Paule Le Deun, Marc Haberbusch, Annie Le Guyader, Gilles Quiboeuf, Yves Le Garzic, Nicolas Chauvel, Laurent Verley, Laetitia Goubert-Fauqueur
Use of RT-PCR thermocycling program for the quantification of DNA viruses in a single run with RNA viruses: Example of Altona RealStar® HSV or VZV PCR kits Julien Andreani, Julien Lupo, Benjamin Nemoz, Aurelie Truffot, Sylvie Larrat, Patrice Morand, Raphaële Germi
Prevalence and correlates of urogenital schistosomiasis in school-going children at Maramba Primary School in Livingstone District, Zambia Shike Kapanga, John Amos Mulemena, Kingsley Kamvuma, Christopher Newton Phiri, Warren Chanda
Letter to the editor

Vol 52 - N°8S - novembre 2022 Les vaccins contre la Covid-19 : Un état des lieux P. S1-S22
Vaccinating children: The pros and cons R. Cohen, P. Thill
What progress has been made in treatment of immunocompromised COVID-19 patients? F. Ader, J. Bauer
Pharmacovigilance for COVID-19 vaccines: A 1-year experience in France S. Crommelynck, P. Thill
Attitudes of French adults toward COVID-19 vaccination K. Ward, J. Bauer
Attitudes of healthcare professionals toward the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in France J.E. Mueller, J. Bauer
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