IDNow Aout 2023

Jeudi 27 Juillet 2023
Vol 53 - N°5
Original articles
Can we rely on histopathological results for the diagnosis of prosthetic joint infection? C. Fourcade, A. Gomez-Brouchet, A. Bouige, G. Krin, A. Bicart-See, P. Marlin, L. Gautie, G. Giordano, E. Bonnet
Ultrasonography performed by an infectiologist in hip and knee prosthetic joint and native joint infections Elsa Nyamankolly, Julie Leitao, Maëlig Lescure, Emilie Shipley, Jean Mazé, Arnaud Desclaux, Hervé Dutronc, Didier Neau, Frédéric-Antoine Dauchy
Lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown: A major change of hospital-diagnosed bacteremia epidemiology Vincent Cauhapé, Brigitte Lamy, Romain Lotte, Irit Touitou, Laurent Boyer, Julie Contenti, François Parisot, Raymond Ruimy, Michel Carles, Johan Courjon
Risk factors for nosocomial COVID-19 in a French university hospital C Dinh, M Gallouche, H Terrisse, K Gam, C Giner, B Nemoz, S Larrat, J Giai, JL Bosson, C Landelle
COVID-19 long-term sequelae: Omicron versus Alpha and Delta variants Ana Hernández-Aceituno, Abigail García-Hernández, Eneko Larumbe-Zabala
Short communications
Chlamydia psittaci endocarditis: A case report and literature review Imane Bendjelloul, Julie Lourtet-Hascoët, Jean-Louis Galinier, Hélène Charbonneau, Nicolas Robinet, Camille Fourcade, Eric Bonnet
Prospective cohort of COVID-19 patients requiring hospital admission in Douala, Cameroon S. Tchamgoué, M. Ntep Eboko, A. Makamté, A. Ngagnia, F. Talla-Mba, O. Nitcheu Wendi, E. Kafando, B. Tengang, J.P. Sandjon, P. Tattevin
Protocol report
The ongoing structuring of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in middle schools in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France S. Quelet, C. Valadeau, C. Héron-Rougier, A. Pariente, G. Gault, B. Elleboode
Letters to the editor
Impact of Clostridium difficile infection on stroke patients in rehabilitation wards R. Chiaramonte, S. D'Amico, C. Marletta, G. Grasso, S. Pirrone, M. Bonfiglio
Evaluation of adherence to antimicrobial guidelines in the emergency department Yunmin A. Lee, Fritzie Albarillo, Travis Wassermann, Jenna Lopez, Maressa Santarossa, Michael Wesolowski
Unprecedentedly high rates of Group A Streptococcus nasopharyngeal carriage in infants and toddlers in France, 2022-2023 Robert Cohen, Philippe Bidet, Emmanuelle Varon, Stéphane Béchet, Jérémie F. Cohen, Stéphane Bonacorsi, Corinne Levy

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