MMI Octobre 2020

Mardi 22 Septembre 2020
Vol 50 - N°7 - P. 537-631
Management of oral antiretroviral administration in patients with swallowing disorders or with an enteral feeding tub Carine San, M.P. Lê, S. Matheron, B. Mourvillier, M. Caseris, J.-F. Timsit, M. Wolff, Y. Yazdanpanah, D. Descamps, G. Peytavin
Original articles
Medical evacuations of members of the French armed forces for infectious diseases in foreign operations K. Simon, P.-Y. Cordier, V. Pommier de Santi, A. Luft, C. Brossier, E. Peytel, F. Simon
Increasing procoagulant activity of circulating microparticles in patients living with HIV S. Snopkova, M. Matyskova, K. Havlickova, J. Jarkovsky, M. Svoboda, J. Zavrelova, R. Svacinka, M. Penka, P. Husa
Ebola virus disease in children in Conakry and Coyah Ebola treatment centers and risk factors associated with death S. Sow, D.C. Sow, M.L. Diallo, D. Kassé, K. Sylla, A. Camara, S.D. Djiro, M.O.S. Diallo, E.I. Bah, I. Bah, M.P. Dialloix-week antibiotic therapy after one-stage replacement arthroplasty for hip and knee periprosthetic joint infection G. Chieffo, S. Corsia, G. Rougereau, M. Enser, L.J. Eyrolle, S. Kernéis, P. Morand, J. Loubinoux, R. Gauzit, P. Leclerc, P. Wipff, Y. Allanore, P. Anract, D. Salmon C. Jacomet, P. Bastiani, J. Prouteau, C. Lambert, F. Linard, R. Ologeanu-Taddei, P. Dellamonica C. Jacomet, R. Ologeanu-Taddei, J. Prouteau, C. Lambert, F. Linard, P. Bastiani, P. Dellamonica
E-health. Patterns of use and perceived benefits and barriers among people living with HIV (PLHIV) and their physicians - Part 3: Telemedicine and collection of computerized personal information C. Jacomet, F. Linard, J. Prouteau, C. Lambert, R. Ologeanu-Taddei, P. Bastiani, P. Dellamonica
Short communications
Evaluating family physicians' willingness to prescribe PrEP France Villeneuve, Jean-Michel Cabot, Sabrina Eymard-Duvernay, Laurent Visier, Vincent Tribout, Cyril Perollaz, Jacques Reynes, Alain Makinson
Fosfomycin, from susceptibility to resistance: Impact of the new guidelines on breakpoints E. Farfour, N. Degand, E. Riverain, V. Fihman, C. Le Brun, G. Péan de Ponfilly, A. Muggeo, A. Jousset, C. Piau, P. Lesprit, The GMC study group, N. Chatelain, L. Dortet, A. Poisson, T. Guillard, A. Limelette, A. Mizrahi, A. Le Monnier, D. Fournier, A. Potron, P. Morand, F. Janvier, M.-P. Otto, P.-L. Woerther, J.-W. Decousser, S. Corvec, C. Plouzeau-Jayle, L. Broutin, N. Yin, G. Héry-Arnaud, C. Beauruelle, A. Grillon, M. Lecuru, E. Bille, S. Godreuil, H. Jean Pierre, M. Amara, A. Henry, J.-R. Zahar, E. Carbonelle, F. Jaureguy, A. Lomont, C. Isnard, V. Cattoir, F. Canis, T. Diedrich, E. Flevin, A. Merens, H. Jacquier, E. Gyde
Comparison of whole-cell versus acellular pertussis vaccine effectiveness in school clusters of pertussis, France, 2013 E. Belchior, S. Guillot, I. Poujol, A. Thabuis, L. Chouin, M. Martel, E. Delisle, C. Six, N. Guiso, D. Lévy-Bruhl
Lettre à la rédaction
Infection d'endoprothèse aortique à Coxiella burnetii A. Hamon, F. El Sayed, F. Bouchand, B. Davido, C. Duran, M. Coggia, I. Javerliat, A. Dinh
Rhinosclérome trachéal N. Romdhane, I. Zoghlami, R. Fradi, D. Chiboub, S. Nefzaoui, R. Jouini, C. Mbarek
Predictive factors of poor outcomes in the COVID-19 epidemic: Consider the inflammatory response J. Razanamahery, L. Malinowski, S. Humbert, A.S. Brunel, Q. Lepiller, C. Chirouze, K. BouillerCOVID reverse transcriptase PCR in private laboratories: From theory to reality M. Autissier, G. Guiraud, Y. Lévy
Interleukin-6 and severity of COVID-19 patients in Hefei, China Z. Zhao, J. Xie, M. Yin, Y. Yang, C. Ding, Y. Gao, X. Ma
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