ECMV (European Conference on Microbiota & Virology)

Jeudi 23 Mars 2023


Dear friends and colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming ECMV, the European Conference on Microbiota
and Virology.

Microbiota's role as a key modulator of the immune system is well established. However, the physiopathological mechanisms explaining infectious disease occurrence in the context of microbiota dysbiosis still need to be investigated and remain a blooming topic in infectiology.

In this context, ECMV has been established in order to

  • Cross-fertilize knowledge between the actors involved in the management of viral pathologies
  • Raise their awareness regarding the impact of microbiota on viral disease infection and pathogenicity
  • Establish a European community within the field

Studying the correlation between microbiota and HIV infection uncovered significant microbial changes associated with immunological abnormalities.

By combining round tables and plenary sessions, this first ECMV will be an exciting opportunity to highlight the latest advances on the crosstalk between microbiota and immune homeostasis with a specific focus on HIV


Do you want to be part of these discussions ?

Join us online on March 23rd, 2023.

We look forward to seeing you

The Scientific Organizing Team


Highlight the last innovations and advances on microbiome interaction with the immune system

Cross scientific knowledge between specialists

Open discussions on controversial topics

Create a European Network in the field


Benoît GUERY,
Lausanne (Switzerland)

Philippe HALFON,
Marseille (France)

Giulia Carla MARCHETTI,
Milan (Italy)

Katerina Christina PSOMAS,
Marseille (France)

Madrid (Spain)

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